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Staff member
Jul 4, 2023
General Rules
1- Start by respecting all forum members, Insulting ... Is not acceptable
2- Advertising a different community / board is prohibited, doing so will result an permanent ban.
3- Doxing or trying to gather personal information with the intent to harm other members is prohibited, doing so will lead to an permanent ban.
4- Attempting to infect or steal from other members is prohibited, doing so will lead to a permanent ban.
5- Engaging in threatening/insulting Behaviour towards other members is prohibited, doing so will lead to a 7 day suspension.
6- Busing the report function will be punished via a warning to a 3 day posting & shout box suspension.
7- Multi-accounting is strictly prohibited, each member is limited to a single account. Create multiple accounts will void your ability to appeal a ban.
8- Posting child-porn anywhere is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.
9- Posting terrorism or discussions of religion anywhere is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.
10- When making giveaways, you must give the winner a reasonable time to claim the price (eg. 24-48 hours).
11- Posting on a scam report you are not directly involved in will receive a warning. Continuing to do so will result in a temporary suspension.
12- Using Hidden BB-Codes and requesting payment to see content is stricly prohibited. Doing so might result in a temporary ban.
Posting Rules
1- Posting tools must be accompanied by virustotal link of all files inside, just scanning the .rar can result in ban.
3- Posting the same thread in multiple section is forbidden.
4- Posting of any acc/log/cc/smtp/shell etc. as plain text is prohibited. You may use pasting service like controlc.com or Throwbin.io.
5: All threads but have the HIDEREPLY quote tags before and after your content

5- Fake Programs/Bases/Scripts or any false post will be a violation resulting strict measures.
6- Any links with the intent to generate revenue for traffic or downloads ("cash "
", affiliate links, etc..") can result in ban.
7- Leaking any project currently being sold on the forum is prohibited, this does not apply if the leak post pre-dates the sales thread lead to are proibited.
8- Your are responsible for the content you post, posting infected material and claiming ignorance is unacceptable.
9- More than 3 posts violation can result in ban.
10- Leech/spam posting is prohibited, this includes posts such as "ty", "lol" or using only using emojis , can result in ban.
11- This is an English board, posting in other languages is permanent prohibited.
13- Posting material that is purposely sexist, racist or generally offensive with the intent to cause harm , can result in permanent ban.

Using multiple accounts to generate lots of likes/posts/downloads will result in ban on all such accounts. Also all credits & cash shall be pruned to ZERO.

Keep in mind we log every single transaction and bad behavior will lead to ban.
Play clean and never abuse the system.