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Oct 19, 2023
In this carding tutorial, you will learn how to use stolen cards (credit/debit cards) to make unauthorized purchases online. If you’ve been looking for a step-by-step carding course.

  • Are you a professional carder?
  • Do you think you are an expert in all things carding?
There are a thousand more carding secrets that no one is teaching you, so trust me when I say that this course will absolutely change your life.

If I told you how long I’ve been carding and how many updates I put out each year, you’d be shocked.

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After collecting credit card information from your client utilizing the credit card format, the next step would be to begin carding and cashing out. Rather than telling you stories, make sure you follow this carding instruction from beginning to end. I’ll also teach you how to card using an Android phone and other cardable sites where you can cash out.

Three sole aim of this article is to disclose the truth behind carding to the general public. Therefore, every reader is responsible for the consequences of indulging in the carding tutorial.

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History of Carding​

Carding originated in the 1980s in the United States, when BBSes (Bulletin Board Systems) were popular. Carding was commonly done in the United States, and thousands of carders were apprehended in the 1980s as part of the United States Secret Service’s Operation Sundevil.

Some of the ways to obtain card details for carding then include:

  • Trashing
  • Raiding
  • Rapport with Card Operators
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Drops were frequently made in vacant houses or other suitable locations. Characters such as The Video Vindicator helped to increase carding over time by producing articles similar to what I’m doing to help the carding network.

During the 1990s, the country was introduced to a new dial-up account known as ‘AOL’ (America Online). AOHell software, a new carding method, also took hold and was used by carders to tear unsuspecting victims apart. The carding industry earned an estimated $500,000 and $2 million in each of the 1990s.

Deep In Carding​

Attempts by several agencies to shut down the carding industry between 2000 and 2007 were futile. The world was witness to a terrifying onslaught of personal information in June 2005. CardSystems, a credit card firm, was hacked, and massive amounts of credit card data were stolen. You can imagine how prosperous the carding industry was at the time. Thousands of carding forums erupted, and all of the stolen credit card information was distributed as gift cards among savvy hustlers.

Between 2008 and 2018, numerous there were numerous arrests of carders, and several carding forums/websites were taken down by security agencies.

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Group-IB stated in 2014 that Russian cybercriminals alone were likely making $680 million per year. Consider how much money carders all around the world could have made at the time: $1 billion? I believe we should be talking about $2 billion per year.

We now live in an advanced world with advanced carders. You can’t be a successful Carder unless you’re a part of the family, and you’ll keep complaining that “carding isn’t profitable!” There are billions to be made in the sector. Simply be wise and subscribe to this website for the most up-to-date hustling news.

Definition of Carding and Carder​


This Carding has numerous definitions. Carding, in this sense, refers to the online trafficking of credit cards and other connected information. It is the procedure of billing prominent websites such as Amazon, Nike, Flipkart, iTunes, and so on. That is, you can buy or conduct any transaction on these leading platforms without paying a dollar. Carding can sometimes be done through clients you meet on Instagram, Facebook, Yahoo mail, and other social media platforms.

Simply put, Carding is part of the credit card fraud used on the internet.

The Carder​

In contrast, a carder is who you are. You can be either a good or a bad carder. A terrible carder always fails and never spends money on any online success course. A terrible carder does not additionally subscribe to helpful websites such as this one for carding tips that ensure 99 percent success without being caught.

Note: Like a noob or newbie, you may fail a couple of times. However, you don’t have to give up unless you are not intelligent at solving problems.

Qualities of a Good Carder

  1. Intelligence
  2. Willingness to learn
  3. Patience
  4. Ability to spend for a result
  5. Hard work
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The Levels of Carding​

  1. Noob
It is the first level a carder attains in the carding industry. They sometimes call it the newbie level, but I prefer to use ‘noob’ in this carding tutorial for beginners.

At this stage, you have to learn and understand the basic terms of carding. Don’t worry about the carding terms because I have explained them all in this carding tutorial.

To qualify from this stage, you should know how to card small items of about $10 from Amazon. The moment you can card Amazon, you are ready for the next level.

  1. Intermediate
Those with prior experience are eligible for the intermediate level.

Now understand what BIN, CC, and other abbreviations signify.

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Also You should know how to properly configure your VPN and be a member of at least five carding forums on the dark web.

You should also learn how to check your credit card balance, which I highlight in this carding tutorial PDF. The minimum number of products to card should be $50, with a maximum of $100.

The Pro Carder​

Pro carders account for around 47 percent of all carders worldwide. Pro-level carders can card up to $1,000 in a single day without being tracked. They understand how to program and hijack credit card information online. They own bogus websites for carding people, and carding is their primary source of income. To reach this level, you must have spent at least $1,000 on lessons and carding courses, as well as be well-known in one or two carding communities.

  1. Legend
The admins of carding forums all over the internet are legend carders. They frequently function as middlemen or escrows when pro carders wish to conduct transactions between themselves. A carder in the United Kingdom, for example, who wishes to acquire CC from a carder in Egypt will not be able to trust the Egyptians.

As a result, the money will be received by the legend on behalf of the CC seller. When the CC buyer confirms that the details, which may include BIN numbers, are correct, the legend carder will release the payment. He will also take a cut of the proceeds.



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