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.SVB Cannabis Symlinker 1.3.3

👨‍💻 Coder:

[OLD TOOL] Cannabis Symlinker V1

1 Mass File Upload from Wso Shell [Random nam
2 Mass smtp maker
3 Mass symlink + WP Auto Uploa
4 Mass Upload olux mailer [Random name & pass
5 Mass Upload xleet mailer [Random name & pass
6 Mass cpanel finde
7 Mass whm accesshash finde
8 Mass cPanel brute force
9 Mass email extracto
10 Mass File Upload from cPane
11 Mass olux Mailer Upload from cPanel [Random name & pass
12 Mass xleet Mailer Upload from cPanel [Random name & pass
13 Mass smtp cracker from cPane
14 Mass cPanel Login checke
15 Mass shell mail checke
16 Mass cPanel mail checke
17 Mass cPanel rese
18 Mass Wordpress Auot Uploa

✏️How to use?
In rdp/vm on your own risk😁

:pepehappy: Screenshots:
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