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Staff member
Jul 4, 2023
General Rules
1- Start by respecting all forum members, Insulting ... Is not acceptable
2- Advertising a different community / board is prohibited, doing so will result an permanent ban.
3- Doxing or trying to gather personal information with the intent to harm other members is prohibited, doing so will lead to an permanent ban.
4- Attempting to infect or steal from other members is prohibited, doing so will lead to a permanent ban.
5- Engaging in threatening/insulting Behaviour towards other members is prohibited, doing so will lead to a 7 day suspension.
6- Busing the report function will be punished via a warning to a 3 day posting & shout box suspension.
7- Multi-accounting is strictly prohibited, each member is limited to a single account. Create multiple accounts will void your ability to appeal a ban.
8- Posting child-porn anywhere is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.
9- Posting terrorism or discussions of religion anywhere is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.
10- When making giveaways, you must give the winner a reasonable time to claim the price (eg. 24-48 hours).
11- Posting on a scam report you are not directly involved in will receive a warning. Continuing to do so will result in a temporary suspension.
12- Using Hidden BB-Codes and requesting payment to see content is stricly prohibited. Doing so might result in a temporary ban.
Posting Rules
1- Posting tools must be accompanied by virustotal link of all files inside, just scanning the .rar can result in ban.
3- Posting the same thread in multiple section is forbidden.
4- Posting of any acc/log/cc/smtp/shell etc. as plain text is prohibited. You may use pasting service like controlc.com or Throwbin.io.
5: All threads but have the HIDEREPLY quote tags before and after your content Read here: BB CODES - HIDE CONTENT UNTIL REPLY
5- Fake Programs/Bases/Scripts or any false post will be a violation resulting strict measures.
6- Any links with the intent to generate revenue for traffic or downloads ("cash "", short "", affiliate links, etc..") can result in ban.
7- Leaking any project currently being sold on the forum is prohibited, this does not apply if the leak post pre-dates the sales thread lead to are proibited.
8- Your are responsible for the content you post, posting infected material and claiming ignorance is unacceptable.
9- More than 3 posts violation can result in ban.
10- Leech/spam posting is prohibited, this includes posts such as "ty", "lol" or using only using emojis , can result in ban.
11- This is an English board, posting in other languages is permanent prohibited.
13- Posting material that is purposely sexist, racist or generally offensive with the intent to cause harm , can result in permanent ban.

Using multiple accounts to generate lots of likes/posts/downloads will result in ban on all such accounts. Also all credits & cash shall be pruned to ZERO.

Keep in mind we log every single transaction and bad behavior will lead to ban.
Play clean and never abuse the system.



New member
May 27, 2024
Authorized Roofers in Wilmington City North Carolina

Living by the seaside brings many advantages: briny breezes, gorgeous scenery and the distinct noise of surf crashing onto the beach are included in them. But living there also presents unique challenges: gales, precipitation and the persistent salt-laden air can cause damage on roof areas causing seepage, liquid infiltration and potentially fungus development beneath slates or shingles, thus necessitating engaging an expert roofer in Wilmington North Carol to tackle these challenges efficiently. That is why maintaining availability to trustworthy roofers professionals in Wilmington North Carol is crucial!

Roofers licensed with the State of NC can examine potential problems and take preventative actions to keep rooftops in good shape - this could reduce expenses in fixes while ensuring a safer job site or living space for laborers or inhabitants.

These companies concentrate in residential and industrial roofing solutions such as steel roof installations, spray-on foam roofing, reflective roof coating applications, tile repair methods, full replacements of both residential and business rooftops and maintenance services. Furthermore, they can handle setups for homeowners' associations to meet standards.

Roof contractors authorized in Wilmington must carry insurance and bonding insurance when performing roof work at residences and commercial sites, to protect residents against likely harm that may happen during a task and ensure their roof is restored or renewed by competent specialists. Furthermore, it helps the resident verify whether their selected licensed roof contractor has the expertise and skill to provide top-notch solutions.

Skilled roofing crew near by Carolina Beach NC

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