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Staff member
Jul 4, 2023
Cloning Guide

Things Needed:

(This includes JcopEnglish, ARQC_GEN, BPTOOLS (CryptoCalculator), IST USA 2023 PACKAGE, Cardpeek, and Further In-Depth Tutorials)
-MSR Device
-Omnikey 3021, or 3121
-ATR Tool
-JCOP UNFUSED or PRE-INITIATED JAVA CARDS ($5 to $20 per card blank)

(Ask for which specific cards are needed! In my case J2A040 Unfused do the trick!)

(If you are unsure if you card is fused or unfused use JCOP Manager, its a free software!)
All of these physical components can be bought on amazon, aliexpress, and ebay!

1. Erase + Format Blank Card using JcopEnglish (Wait Until it Says Success for Both and ensure that the screen shows text in the box or it didn't do anything)

2. Initialze the Card ATR using ATRTOOL from. Ensure the ATR matches the dump card type / ist aswell.

3. Check that the card's cold atr changed in CardPeek by selecting EMV and press Analyze, If it says Java Blank Nigeria or whatever etc... it didn't, if it says VISA / Mastercard Etc Bank details at the top, your green! If it says the bank details and java card don't worry, as long as it isn't stating its blank!
4. Open MSRX and enter Track Two and GENERATE the Track One if not given using Omerta Generator Website

5. Write the Tracks 1+2 to the Mag and swipe the blank 3 times to be safe then press read and repeat the swipes to ensure data is on the card mag correctly! Be careful to press WRITE before WRITING and READ before READING.

Side note... for 101, and 121 dumps all you have to do is use MSRX and your MSR READER WRITER hardware and enter the track two, and use omerta.cx/trackgen/index.php to generate the track one from the track two information - Continue following for 201, 221, etc for Insert Chips! (The security on 1xx dumps are LOW! But you must do these steps for the 2xx dumps guide to work!!!)

6. Open X2.5 (Most Updated Version Currently!) and press the EMV tab

7. Enter the Track 2, Enter the AID (31010 or 41010), Pin, Currency Code, Country Code, Name (Select Erase Holdername - if No name dont Enter anything leave it blank), and Select Track 1 Data Button and enter the Disrection data found AFTER the 6 expiry date numbers after the track, i.e 22021010003002000.... the 10003002000 and beyond 0's would be the track 1 discretionary data, copy and paste this from the Omerta Track One Generator or enter it if included in the dump! For the Application label, refer to cardpeek and open the emv tab again and read your card, it will either be VISA CREDI, VISA DEBIT, INTERAC, VISA CREDIT, etc.

8. Next Press Change Data for the PREF NAME and the EXPIRATION DATE, google the month it expires in and find that years final day, i.e october 31st in 2023 due to leap years, etc. Select VISA or MC or AMEX BUY PLUGIN, and select OMNIKEY and press CREDIT - Double check you've included every field neccessary!

9. It will say JOB COMPLETED, then head to the IST LOAD page and copy the details you've entered on the EMV page, and at the top bar where it says open... press that and locate the IST file, this part is extremely vital, you MUST have a matching BIN (the first 6 digits of the card) to the IST or your card won't hit green, ensure you have a REAL CARD in your house with a leaked dump on bigfat.cc briansclub.at before anything, or use one of the new 2023 given IST's included in the new Mr_EMV Package as of January 31st 2023. You must have an IST file that matches the card type and bin.

10. (OPTION ONE) The final three boxes you'll have empty are the ARQC 1, 2, and 3. For these, open "Arqc_Gen" and enter the PAN which is the first 16 digits of your TRACK 2, and also be sure to change the country and currency code to be accurate to the card details, and change the ATC to 0001, press generate, copy the ARQC to X2.5 to slot one in the LOAD IST page, then go back to Arqc_Gen and change the ATC to 0002, then press generate, leaving the other details alone, now copy the new ARQC key to X2.5 to slow two in the LOAD IST page, then go to Arqc_Gen again finally and change the ATC to 0003, then press generate and copy the final 3rd ARQC to the LOAD IST page on X2.5. Now Pres BURN in X2.5. Job Completed. 

10. (OPTION TWO) The final three boxes you'll have empty are the ARQC 1, 2, and 3. For these, open BP-Tools Crypto Calculator and Select "Applications" and find the application that matches your card, for visa I use VSDC, for Mastercard there is a Mastercard Issuer App, Find it. Then Enter the PAN which is your track 2's first 16 digits, then press the green lock, and head to tab 2, find the ATC and change it to 0001, then press the green lock, find the ATC again and match it, find the currency code and match it to the real currency code, try to fill out any data you can manage to include such as the time of interaction if included, etc, then again press the green lock and leave it default and you'll see your first ARPC / ARQC number generate, copy it from the right bottom of the generator screen and enter it, now go back to tab one on bp tools in this process in that application you've selected, press the green lock on page one, then go to tab page two, enter the atc 0002, and then press the green lock, and repeat the process from before again just chaning the atc to 0002, and finally repeat this again but chaning the atc in the two needed tabs in the same green lock order, with 0003. Now you've copied your three ARQC ARPC codes and you are set to press BURN in the X2.5 application window for IST LOAD. Job Completed. 

That's it, the card's ready to go for Chip Insert ATMs / POS Machines. Happy cloning. If anything fails, your dump could be bad, or you didn't do something correctly. This is all a game of luck and patience!

Possible Reasons your Card Failed:

-Bad Dump (Fake, Used, or Empty Balance - Contact your dump provider, Don't get Scammed! Use Bigfat.cc or Briansclub.at and trust 3rd party vendors at your own risk! Use only FRESH dumps - to see fresh dumps look up Bigfatcc on telegram and join there telegram news chat!)

-Old Dump (Dumps need to be active, old card info is likely less active. A dump also must be attempted BEFORE the card holder goes to an atm again, FOR 2xx DUMPS ONLY due to ARQC changing upon different atm transactions.

-Bad ATR / IST / Dump Type Match Up (You didn't use the correct IST with ATR to be valid... I.E Bank Of America Visa Credit Cards IST FILE, AND ATR must match the DUMP. The same Bank of America Visa Credit Card dump info cannot verify with a "generic" atr visa script, don't fall for that, it must be exact. Try to find dumps of your own bank card type so you know the IST is valid by creating your own IST off your own credit card, it won't affect you.)

-Impatience (Re-Read, try again, don't skip any steps...)



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Jan 11, 2024
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