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  1. russian_plug

    PayPal Login Bypass Method

    PayPal Config Attached ( But Try Use Better Checker or Config, Work But Few OLD ), Need Good Proxies and Combo, Try Thins For Combo 1. https://developer.paypal.com 2. Login with login and password 3. After login dont click anything 4. Remove URL and goto this URL 5. Log in to your PayPal...
  2. russian_plug

    Phishing tutorial

    Hello carders, maybe someone will find this usefull! enjoy 1. Intro There are couple of other phishing tutorials around here, but some people seem to have problems understanding them. So I'll try to be as simple as possible. This phishing tutorial is written for newbs, and if you have problems...
  3. russian_plug

    Cards, Accounts, Logs and Database Dumps

    I Provide details and information's needed for virtual and in-store carding, bank transfer etc, i work in an organization where i have clients data base information in general i provide carders with anything they need for their carding activity. Below i have listed some of the most common items...
  4. russian_plug

    Spotify Scama (true login) + Letter inbox[

    Spotify scampage true login + Letter inbox +Letter and subject Mobile friendly ( Work on all mobile ) Source code protection Anti VPN Anti Proxy Anti Bot Anti Antivirus bot Name Encryption CSS Encryption CSS Unique name JS Unique name Title Unique name Email Result Local Result Encrypted...