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credit cards

  1. russian_plug


    The quality of service we offer is up to the highest standards. You will feel like the KING of carding when buying dumps & cards from us. WE ALSO HAVE UK & USA FULLZ IN STOCK. JUST CONTACT US! We do not record or keep logs of anyone's IPs. As always, we replace dumps within 6 hours after the...
  2. russian_plug

    valid 2 credit card with balance

    Card No: 4929130895251002 Expire : 2026/02-Cvv/411 Full Name: Amie-Hunt Address: 24 Bankside Cres, City : Sutton Coldfield Post Code :B74 2JA Date Of Birth 11/11/1974 Account Number: 01413468 Sort Code: 771938 Mother Maiden Name: jones Phone Number : 02082483498 Email: [email protected]...
  3. Poison_tools

    Introduction to credit card atm dump carding EMV 2023

    Introduction to credit card atm dump carding Credit cards Dumps carding is far more interesting and involves a much larger group to perform it successfully. As its name suggests, offline or in-store carding means swiping the counterfeit cards at the actual stores or POS terminals to make...